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02/10/2021 by Ashley Sanchez

Without a doubt our communities, state, country and world have altered by COVID. 2021 has already begun with new challenges, but we are prepared to take on those obstacles with optimism and a renewed, strengthened commitment to our community and patients.

In 2020, COVID cases held a firm grip on our communities and its’ grip has not eased up in the New Year. Although overall COVID rates seem to be decreasing in Southern California, our communities’ positivity rate continues to hover around twenty-seven percent. A major reason for this is because our communities consist of essential workers and at-risk, elderly seniors. Thanks to, you, our AltaMed Responders we’ve been able to provide additional instant support to our patients that are currently experiencing strenuous circumstances. Please consider making an impact and doing more for your communities this year.

Direct Relief Fund

External factors, such as job loss or homelessness, can negatively impact community member’s health. In 2017, in addition to the medical care AltaMed offers to patients, we began distributing extra assistance through our Direct Relief Fund. Through this fund, we have been able to cover a patient’s medical co-pays, provide families with groceries and even retrofit a van to include a wheelchair lift.

Additional ways in which our donors have made a positive impact on our community members

  • Support to families with food and housing insecurity
  • Support to families who have lost a loved one
  • Support to uninsured patients experiencing financial instability 

We’ve always been at the front lines for our communities – offering care to Southern California residents – including our underinsured and underserved communities. The pandemic amplified many of our community member’s needs for basic necessities to stay alive and healthy. Our Direct Relief Fund has allowed us to take extra steps for our patients during these unusually challenging times.

The Time Is Now

  • A report published by the USC Dornsife Public Exchange explains rates of food insecurity in Los Angeles County are unprecedented and substantially higher than before the pandemic. It was reported that 39.5% of low-income households experienced food insecurity at some time (point) between April and May 2020. 
  • According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, there have been 8,219 reports of COVID-19 related deaths in LA County to date.
  • In 2019, the Census Bureau estimated that over 10% of LA County residents, under the age of 65 were (living) without health insurance. 
  • The LA Times reports that the unemployment rate in the city of Los Angeles in September 2020 was a staggering 12%, having climbed 8% from the previous year.

What You Can Do

The Direct Relief Fund is an effective way to keep you community members healthy and safe while some struggle with the negative effects of COVID-19. Click here to make an instant impact in your community.

Help us deliver a better tomorrow for our communities

When all people have access without barriers to health care and human services, cycles are broken and communities flourish. With support from donors, AltaMed can expand our community programs and help more members of the community thrive.

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