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06/07/2021 by Ashley Sanchez

Victoria lives in the low-income neighborhood of Boyle Heights. She always dreamed of going to college and making her parents proud, but she lacks access to the opportunities and resources that make higher education achievable.

Today, there are still too many young people like Victoria, who are being left behind without a fair chance to receive an education or to stay healthy. Youth living in poverty face overwhelming challenges: unstable housing, unreliable internet access, food insecurity and, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, basic health and safety. As a result, these high school students often struggle at school, in virtual classes, and with their homework.

Educational attainment is closely linked to health outcomes. Those who have not graduated from high school are at significantly increased risk of negative health consequences. On the opposite end of the spectrum, higher education is linked to better paying jobs, which are more likely to include health benefits and increased access to medical care. College graduates are also more likely to learn and adopt healthy habits, and pass them on to their children.

Of AltaMed’s 320,000 patients, more than 35,000 are 13 to 17 years old. We recognize the crucial importance of providing a successful high school pipeline and college guidance for our youngest community members to grow healthy. Together, and with the support of our generous Community Responders, AltaMed Foundation and AltaMed Health Services have developed and delivered direct relief services to our youth in response to the inequities of the pandemic.

In 2020, our donors stepped up to quickly provide portable desks to students forced to stay at home. We also delivered more than 200 meals to high school students who were experiencing food insecurity and would have otherwise received their first meal of the day at school.

Now, with a surplus of COVID-19 vaccines, AltaMed Health Services is vaccinating our youth. We are so happy that our students are able to get the vaccines as we help reopen our communities – and schools – safely.


AltaMed’s Youth Champions program empowers participants to enhance their life skills, including leadership, communication, financial literacy, positive mindset, determination and GRIT. Students who demonstrate a willingness to work hard will build courage, perseverance, creativity and problem- solving skills. AltaMed’s Escalera Program enables at-risk high school students to graduate, plan their future, and place higher education within reach. The program supports students in achieving personal, academic and professional success.

What You Can Do

AltaMed is committed to ensuring our future doctors, leaders and community members all have the tools and experiences to grow up healthy and flourish. Your generosity reduces those barriers that they face in school and within the health care system. Invest in our community’s future by clicking here:

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When all people have access without barriers to health care and human services, cycles are broken and communities flourish. With support from donors, AltaMed can expand our community programs and help more members of the community thrive.

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